What is Resource planning & why is important?

Resource planning is the key to successful projects, delivered on time and within budget. It's also a complex puzzle Teamleader Orbit can solve for you. Deploy employees optimally, create balance within your team and guarantee profit for your business.

With Teamleader Orbit you can:

  • Determine the net capacity for your organisation in a given period.

  • Plan the capacity for a project.

  • Easily change your planning when the workload becomes too heavy.

  • Anticipate capacity problems and make hiring decisions.

Want to plan your resources easily with Teamleader Orbit?

Find out what our software can do for your organisation.

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What is resource planning?

If you’d see resource planning as a puzzle, the pieces of that puzzle would be the people and the resources you need to complete your project successfully. The basis is your staff deployment or capacity planning. Which colleagues are available and have the skills to take on the various project tasks, taking into account individual work schedules, holidays and other projects people might be working on. As soon as you're done planning your capacity, you can start planning your resources: determine deliverables and tasks, and assign them to people based on their availability and skills.

Why is resource planning important for agencies?

"In our industry, the profitability of a business depends on its capacity planning. People on the bench means a loss of profit. And by overloading people with work they may get burned out and you might ultimately lose them. Planning is a challenge because you're always dealing with the unexpected. With Teamleader Orbit, our planning is now more under control." Bart Dewaele - CEO at Duke & Grace

Duke Grace

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"We used to accept a project, go full throttle, only to return to our customer with our tails between our legs to ask them ‘if we could please move the deadline a little bit’. Today we work for larger customers, with bigger budgets and on longer-term projects. Teamleader Orbit helps me see at a glance what everyone is doing, which team members are fully booked and who has time to work on a project." Glenn Fellows, Managing Partner at Lunar

The benefits of a resource planning tool:

Resource planning software makes sure your capacity puzzle fits perfectly. A capacity planning tool also makes it easier to intervene if the scope of your project changes, people drop out unexpectedly, 或工作负载是太高了.

Teamleader Orbit is the all-in-one tool that solves all these issues for you. With our resource planning tool you can:

  • Predict your resources.

    The results of your sales team have a direct impact on your future resources. The capacity dashboard gives you detailed information about the current and future occupation of your employees.

  • View and plan your capacity.

    Schedule employees with a simple drag & drop and follow your team in real-time. You can see at a glance which team members have too much work and who has space in their planning. This way, you avoid capacity or deadline problems and never fall short of hands.

  • Determine tasks and priorities

    Determine deliverables, subtasks and milestones for each project. See which tasks have priority in order to move on to the next. Set deadlines for each task and assign them to teams and employees.

  • Track your project's progress

    See how your project is progressing, get an overview of the timesheets and see what percentage of your time can be invoiced. Follow projects closely and build reports with any piece of information in Teamleader Orbit.

Teamleader Orbit offers a lot more than resource planning.

Teamleader Orbit offers a lot more than resource planning.

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