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Make time for what really matters

Customers and press relations are the core of your business. Give them the best service, without losing time on paperwork. Share your project with your client so they can track progress, register time in a flexible way and keep an overview of all your projects.

  • Keep your customer information in one place.
  • Keep an overview of all your projects.
  • Work undisturbed with retainers and recurring invoices.
  • At a single glance, see what you can invoice.
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They run their entire agency with Teamleader Orbit:

Teamleader Orbit improved our internal communication: it has changed the entire way our team works.
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Franck Bennardi CEO of Biggerband

Our top features for PR- and communication agencies:

  1. Direct contact with your customer.

    Without consultation, a project is doomed to fail. That's why you can hold discussions directly in Teamleader Orbit, both with your staff and with your customer. Keep everything about your project centralised and stay in control.

  2. View your communication history per contact.

    Save all your e-mail conversations, assign contacts to different entities or brands, and receive reports for each brand. Organise all files per customer or contact and set custom rates. See the turnover, open projects, task lists, quotations... per customer.

  3. Control over timesheets and invoicing.

    Automatically convert a planned task into a completed time registration and link it to the invoicing. No double work and easy to report. Use standard flows to approve timesheets and keep control of how customers are charged.

  4. Resource and capacity planning.

    Schedule employees with a simple drag & drop and track your team in real-time. The capacity dashboard gives you detailed information about the current and future occupation of your employees. This way, you can avoid capacity or deadline issues.

  5. Work undisturbed with retainers.

    Don't worry about interim invoices and waiting for approval to continue working. Agree on an amount with your customer in advance and use that retainer to settle projects, purchases and additional work without interference.

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Running your entire PR and communications agency with Teamleader Orbit? Try it out.

Find out for yourself what Teamleader Orbit can do for your PR and communications agency. Get to the bottom of Teamleader Orbit.

We guide you through the start-up.

Not everyone works in the same way. That's why we like to help you get started with Teamleader Orbit. We're there for you, every step of the way.

We guide you through the start-up.

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